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Welcome to the other Avengers kink meme. We have different rules here. The short version, this is a kink meme; not a safe space. Here be dragons.

The long version, which you should still read and follow:

  1. Be over 18. Follow this, or be fed to Galactus.

  2. No kinkshaming. Kinkshaming is: telling a person they are bad and should feel bad about their kink. Kinkshaming is not: voicing a dislike or squick toward a certain kink.

  3. Also not cool: surprise cross-overs, hijacking a prompt, and filling a prompt that asks for A/B with any pairing that is not A/B. When in doubt, ask the OP.

  4. No hate speech or death threats.

  5. Title your threads, be they here or in any off-topic posts. This makes trackers and flat-memers very happy.

    When prompting, be sure to include at least the pairing and a short phrase or sentence to let everyone know what's going on in your prompt. Warnings go here, too. See the Warnings Policy below.

    You may retitle your threads in order to:
    • Add an addendum to specify something in a subthread

    • Denote that you are filling a prompt

    You may not retitle your threads in order to:
    • Retroactively add a trigger warning to someone else's prompt (your own is fine, but to be safe, specify that you're the OP in your comment).

    • specify whether you are another anon, the same anon, or whatever. That goes in the body of your comment

    I am not going to police this one very heavily. But if you disregard this one, don't be surprised if flat-memers or trackers get annoyed with you.

  6. This is ostensibly a Marvel Cinematic Universe meme, but other flavours of Avengers are more than welcome. If you're prompting for the comics or Earth's Mightiest Heroes or whatever, put that in the subject or something. Avengers, baddies, SHIELD agents, whatever. If you want to have other Marvel characters, make sure they aren't the main focus.

  7. Reprompting: You may re-prompt from other memes. At this time, please do not re-prompt anything from this meme.

  8. WARNINGS POLICY: This meme is read at your own risk. This means that warnings will not be policed. It's considered the polite thing to warn, but no-one is going to make you warn for something if you do not want to. Warnings you should probably consider using are as follows:
    • Major Character Death

    • Non-Con/Rape, Dub-con

    • Under-age

    • Incest

    Warnings are a courtesy on this meme, and for the ones above especially, I would recommend that you use them. If you don't want to, that's fine. If you do not feel comfortable being on a meme where warnings are not required, there are other alternatives. Avenger Kink on LJ has a stricter warnings policy.

  9. SPOILERS POLICY: Spoilers must be warned for until whatever the spoiler is about has been out for two weeks. Spoilers that aren't warned for will be screened and you will be told to re-post with the proper formatting. This is the only warning upon which I will unquestionably bring down the hammer, because I kind of hate unwarned-for spoilers. I'm not even going to try to hide that fact.

    Acronym Key:

    AYRT = "anon you replied to"
    DA = "different anon from the one you're replying to, and already commented somewhere else on this thread"
    NA = "new anon who has not commented on this thread before"
    SA = "same anon, replying to my own comment to edit/elaborate"
    AIRT = "anon I replied to"
    OP = "original poster"

    Other Places to Be:

    Page-a-Mod | Discussion/Off Topic Post | Filled Prompts Post

    If you wish to be banned to prevent accidental de-anoning, send a message to the mod account.

    Anon posting is ON.
    IP logging is OFF.
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Post your filled prompts here. If you want to wait until after you've finished your WIP to post it, that's fine too.

Same deal for prompting. Put the pairing and relevant details in the subject, and link to the prompt.
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Discuss Avengery things here. Also, if comment threads on fills or prompts get too long, they will be brought here.

Title your threads. Here be dragons. All that stuff.

Page a Mod

Dec. 11th, 2012 11:17 pm
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Have a question or concern? Post it here.

If you have a concern about a specific thread, link to it here. Also, please be aware that sometimes people sleep or are out of the house, so response times may not be instantaneous.


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